New Teacher Center

Welcome to Valparaiso Community Schools.  We are pleased you have chosen to work with our school corporation. I am sure you will find your work both challenging and rewarding.  Working together, we will provide the best educational opportunities for all VCS students.  We hope you find this webpage informative and a useful tool as you begin your employment with us.
                                                - Dr. E. Ric Frataccia, Ed. S., Superintendent of Schools

 You have been given access to this webpage because you have been extended an offer of employment.  Please be aware, all offers of employment are contingent upon approval by the Board of Education and the passing of an Expanded Criminal History Check.  The access to this website and any references to employment may not be construed as an employment contract or intent to employ.
All new school employees, certificated and non-certificated, must have an expanded criminal history check performed. The cost is the responsibility of the employee. If you have not yet completed your criminal history check authorization, please do so now - CLICK HERE TO GO TO BACKGROUND CHECK WEBPAGE.


Candidates must be presented to the Board of Education for approval of employment. After a candidate is approved, a letter indicating the Board's decision is mailed to the candidate's home.

Please contact the Human Resources Office (219) 531-3000 to set up an appointment for the onboarding process.  This meeting will provide new employees with payroll and benefits information,assist in the completion of payroll and benefit election forms, and provide general safety and workplace training.
            NEW EMPLOYEE PAPERWORK                   
Below are links to payroll and benefit forms.Please complete all payroll forms listed below. For each benefit you are electing, complete the associated enrollment form. Benefit plan information is in the yellow highlighted section below.
Form I-9 (only pages 7-9 need to be printed)
New Hire- Indiana (only complete bottom section, "employee information")
2016 W-4 FEDERAL Taxes
WH-4 (Indiana Taxes)

TRF New Member Form *You will need your TRF Member ID if applicable
You will need to print and complete all forms in the above section.
- Anthem Enrollment Form*
Dental Plan - Delta Dental Enrollment Form*
Life Insurance -Hartford Basic Life Insurance*
Hartford Supplemental Life Costs - 26 pays Hartford Costs 26 pays
Hartford Supplemental Life Costs - 20 pays Hartford Costs 20 pays
Long Term Disability - Hartford LTD Enrollment Form*
Flexible Spending Accounts - Enroll with American Fidelity American Fidelity Products
Please print and bring all Enrollment Forms*Even if you are waiving benefits.Don't forget your VEBA enrollment and Salary Reduction Agreement for your 403(b). Forms are located below in Yellow Box.

Valparaiso Community Schools offers health insurance, dental insurance, flexible spending accounts, life insurance, long-term disability insurance, as well as a variety of American Fidelity insurance products. Click here to view a summary of group benefit plan costs: Benefit Costs Summary
Group Benefit Plans
Medical/Vision/Prescription (bundled)
- Anthem Health Plan -Anthem Health Plan 2015
- Anthem Vision Plan -Vision Plan 2015
- Delta Dental Plan- Delta Dental Plan SummaryDelta Dental Plan Document
Life Insurance
- Basic Term Life Insurance -Basic Life Plan Document
- Beneficiary Designation Form - (Form)
Long Term Disability
- Long Term Disability - LTD Plan Document
Flexible Spending Accounts (AMERICAN FIDELITY)
- Section 125 Plan -
- Medical Reimbursement AccountDependent Care Reimbursement Account
American Fidelity Assurance:
Offers products that are 100% employee paid, pre- and post tax benefits such as disability, accident only insurance, term life and permanent life insurance. 
Retirement and Deferred Compensation Plans
TRF - The retirement plan for teachers of Valparaiso Community Schools is the Teachers Retirement Fund (TRF) through Indiana Public Retirement System (INPRS). Click here to view the TRF-at-a-Glance Brochure.

If you have any experience from TRF, you must supply a "TRF MEMBER STATEMENT' to administration. You can obtain this form by logging into your account on
403(b) Plan - Teachers also have the opportunity to contribute to the 403(b) plan through pre-tax payroll deductions. In order to begin contributing to the 403(b) Plan, employees must first open up a 403(b) account with one of our providers listed below. Once an account is established, a salary deferral election form will be completed with the provider and submitted to the payroll department.

Danny Nestorovski
219-756-6104 Office
219-743-0611 Cell
VALIC Salary Reduction Agreement

Chris Frain
219-926-1182 ext 255
VOYA Salary Reduction Agreement

For more information about the 403(b) Plan, please click on documents below:
Additionally, Valparaiso Community Schools will make a 1/2% contribution of your salary each year into a VEBAaccount. VEBA Enrollment Form
For information regarding the Valparaiso Teachers' Association and/or the Teachers' Master Contract, please contact Charlie Foster. 
Charlie Foster, President of Valparaiso Teachers’ Association
Ben Franklin Middle School
219-531-3020 x 4238
Below are the contacts for the Human Resources Department. If you experience problems accessing the forms above, or have questions about the new hire process, please contact HR 219-531-3000.
Luann Kenworthy
Human Resources Coor.
(219) 531-1125

Omi Suiter
Benefits Coor.
(219) 531-1136