Certified Teachers

Congratulations to Valparaiso Community Schools' educators on earning their Common Sense Media Educator Certification for the 2016 - 2017 school year!

2016-2017 Digital Citizenship Certified Educators
Alyson Laurencell, Thomas Jefferson Middle School
Amiee Schmetzer, Flint Lake Elementary
Ashley Kandel, Hayes Leonard Elementary
Becki Garibay, Central Elementary 
Brianne Isailovich, Central Elementary
Bryan Benke, Thomas Jefferson Middle School
Cailey Stancl, Flint Lake Elementary
Carolyn Rodea, Thomas Jefferson Middle School
Cindy McCormack, Benjamin Franklin Middle School
Courtney Smith, Northview Elementary
Cynthia Svilar, Valparaiso Community Schools
Dan Darnell, Central Elementary
Dezzarae Arce, Thomas Jefferson Middle School
Donna Adams, Thomas Jefferson Middle School
Elizabeth Sattler, Benjamin Franklin Middle School
Heather Millies, Hayes Leonard Elementary
Heather Treece, Hayes Leonard Elementary
Jane Jones, Cooks Corners and Thomas Jefferson Elementary
Janice Maddack, Cooks Corners Elementary
Jasmin Aurand, Central Elementary
Jennifer Hurley, Thomas Jefferson Elementary
Jennifer Woods, Central Elementary
Jill Higgins, Central Elementary
Jillian Blakely, Thomas Jefferson Middle School
Jody Jordan, Central Elementary
Katherine Estridge, Central Elementary
Kelley Jones, Northview Elementary
Kevin Wallace, Central Elementary
Kim Hommes, Benjamin Franklin Middle School
Kristin Jones, Central Elementary
Kristin Reeder, Flint Lake Elementary
Kristine Arthur, Valparaiso High School
Laura Doran, Central Elementary
Lisa Gonzalez, Central Elementary
Lisa Sut, Central Elementary
Lisabeth Frederich, Hayes Leonard Elementary
Mindy Heuring, Central Elementary
Natalie Thorgren, Central and Northview Elementary
Nina Erler, Central Elementary
Sarah Redmond, Thomas Jefferson Elementary
Sharon McCorkle, Hayes Leonard Elementary
Shellie Schoff, Memorial and Parkview Elementary
Stephanie Grantsaris, Central Elementary